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April 30, 2007
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i'm fine, really i am.  i'm not upset.  i'm just tired.  i'll be fine.  don't worry about me.  i'm ok.  i'll be alright.  i'm not angry with you.  don't be upset.  everything is fine.  everything is good.  everything is perfect.  nothing's wrong.  really, nothing's wrong, ok?  i just feel a little sick.  i shouldn't have had so much to eat.  i'll be fine in a minute.  i'm ok.  don't worry.  smile.  no, i'm not crying.  there's something in my eye.  just nevermind.  look at me.  look at me.  see?  what? oh, yeah, i'm fine.  i was just joking.  really, i'm just tired, kay? nothing is wrong.  life is great.  i love it.  i love it.  i love you.  oops, ha ha, just joking again.  that would be too weird, wouldn't it?  yeah.  but i love you as a friend.  forever and always.  i told you - there's something in my eye.  i'm fine.  i'm ok.  absolutely nothing's wrong.  i'm just tired.  i'm not upset.  stop asking that.  i already told you i'm fine.  let it go.  drop it, ok?  no.  i'm not going to tell you anything - there's nothing to tell.  i'm fine.  everything is perfect.  i'm not upset.  nothing's bothering me, got it?  leave me alone.  i'm fine.  nothing's wrong.

yes, am i feeling better, thank you.  still a little out of it though.  sorry, what was that?  i wasn't paying attention.  yeah, i'm fine.  i'm great.  what about you? i'm not changing the subject.  i'm being polite.  you know - manners.  it's rude to press.  i told you i'm fine, i'm not changing the subject - you are. what's wrong? are you sure it's nothing? hah, ok.  i couldn't sleep last night either.  have some coffee.  it might help.  it does.  that's good.  no, i still feel tired.  i guess caffeine isn't a substitute for sleep after all.  no, i do go to bed at a reasonable time.  i just can't fall asleep.  no idea.  i thought we were finished with that.  i'm fine.  nothing's wrong.  just drink your coffee and shut up.  leave me alone.  i am telling you the truth.  don't you trust me? you don't.  you don't.  it doesn't matter what you say.  you just refuse to listen.  why should i talk to you?  you think i'm a liar. i'm fine.  stop asking.  just shut up and leave me alone now.  i answered all your questions.  that's what you wanted, isn't it? now stop. yes i did.  i told you the truth.  the whole truth.  nothing left out at all.

stop it.  i'm fine.  you don't have to interrogate me.  i feel fine, really, i do.  there's no reason to worry.  you're not helping.  i don't need help.  i don't want help.  nothing's wrong.  shut up.  i'm not myself?  will you just drop it?  it's nothing.  i'll be fine.  i'm just tired.  what are you talking about? i'm not making excuses.  i'm trying to explain.  why don't you ever listen?  stop over reacting.  i'm sorry.  i'm not mad at you.  but really, it's nothing.  i'm fine.  nothing's wrong.  stop asking, ok.  just leave me alone.  i don't need any help.  i'm ok.  can you just let this go? do you need to make an argument out of everything? leave me alone!  shut up.  i'm happy.  i'm content.  nothing's wrong.  nothing is at all out of place.  just try to ease up.  let it go.  it's not important.  it's nothing.  let's talk about something else, please.  anything else.  i don't care.  i am fine.

i told you - i don't want to have this conversation again.  will you just drop it?  i'm fine!  now stop it!  i mean it.  it don't want to discuss this any more.  i am absolutely fine.  nothing's wrong!  shut up! i am not listening to any more of this.  get out.  i mean it.  now.  no.  i don't want to hear it.  i mean what i say.  obviously you don't understand that.  are you crying?  oh my god.  i'm sorry.  i'm just so frustrated.  i feel like you don't believe a word i say.  that would frustrate you, too, wouldn't it?  i didn't want to make you so upset.  i'm sorry.  i'm really am.  please, just stop crying.  thank you.  but i still think you need to trust me.  you'll try? try? i guess i can live with that.  for now.  want some coffee?  i'll make a fresh pot.  i could use a cup of it, myself.  no, still not sleeping well.  what?  don't look at me like that.  like there's some deeper meaning in everything i say.  there isn't.  get over it and move on.  i'm sick of being treated like this.
If you faved this and it's gone, please read before asking why. [link]

Here's the text from the first four layers of Nothing's Wrong. [link] Personally I think it's better not reading any of this, so I'm not going to share how it ends. I think it's pretty clear if you take a minute.

As you can see, it's a grammatical nightmare. It's supposed to be. I have my reasons, and for once laziness isn't one of them.


This was really only ever written so I would have text to use in the piece it's from. It was never really meant to be a respectable piece of literature. I'm flattered that so many people like it, but I think if you were to take a couple minutes to browse the often neglected literature gallery, you might find something else a hundred times better.

I have an account for my writing, so exposure for the literature community on deviantART is something close to my heart, because so many talented people go unrecognized because they haven't chosen a visual medium. Text can be powerful too. Since this is one of the few places I have a chance to write something that gets noticed, please forgive the mini rant.

Go browse literature!
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knightsky106 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012
again wow this is amazingly good it reminds me of something i wrote but i havent posted it but if your interested in it send me something
UNWANTEDRAMBLER Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2012
I like this. Not looked at the link, unsure if I should, as I like the abstractness of this. It is surprising what we can come up with by mistake, and this is a great mistake :) Very cool and musta taken time to write/put together.
LauraTreptow Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Ima sent the 1st part of this to my "friend" C______... </3
UNWANTEDRAMBLER Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2012
Thanks :)
Summers-Solstice Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2012  Student Artist
bottled-roses Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2011
Wow, I love it c:

Yes, it has grammatical issues and all, but it helps to bring the point across,
and i personally think it makes it better, more realistic.

Again, I think it's really good. I can definitely relate. To ALL of it.
dyehardredhead Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2010
People like it so much because it's relatable. we all have baggage and we've all had this conversation at some point in our lives. the way you made it non specific was genious (even if it was unintentional) because it allows anyone to slip into the character and relive a moment.
MissCatie Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2009
wow. this brought me to tears. I've said all of these things at least a thousand times to one of my good friends and I haven't meant it once, but the lies keep on coming. I love how the grammar isn't correct, and some of the words don't make sense, but I love it all. a lot. mostly these parts:
"no. i'm not going to tell you anything - there's nothing to tell."

"i don't need help. i don't want help. nothing's wrong. shut up. i'm not myself? will you just drop it? it's nothing. i'll be fine. i'm just tired. what are you talking about? i'm not making excuses."

wow. I think I might just have to stop now, but I could say thank you a million times for writing this.
Summers-Solstice Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2009  Student Artist
Thank you for commenting. <3
It's always good to hear that people can relate, and that my attempt to make it as realistic as possible worked.
MissCatie Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2009
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